University of Illinois DOW Facility
University of Illinois DOW Facility

The Department of Atmospheric Sciences has the following platforms available for research projects:

System for Characterizing and Measuring Precipitation (SCAMP)

This system includes

  • Radiometrics deployable 915 MHz wind profiling radar
  • MRR-2 K-Band vertically pointing radar
  • Parsivel-2 disdrometer
  • 2 iMet radiosonde systems
  • Meteorological Particle Spectrometer
  • Geonor weighing rain gauge
  • Surface weather station
  • TSI Aerosol spectrometer

The Illinois State Water Survey (affiliate Faculty in the department) also operates:

  • Raman lidar
  • Scanning Doppler lidar

Flexible Arrays of Radars and Mesonets (FARM) Facility

In 2020, the FARM Facility joined the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Illinois. This facility operates

National Science Foundation Community Instrument Facility:

  • 3 mobile X-Band Doppler radars, 2 dual-polarization, 1 rapid scan (DOW6, DOW7, DOW8),
  • 1 deployable C-Band dual-polarization radar (COW)

The FARM also operates:

  • 3 mobile mesonet trucks
  • 6 Graw sounding systems
  • PODs and PoleNet surface observing systems, with Parsivel disdrometers and cameras

If you are interested in collaborating on projects using this instrumentation, contact me!